Words of the Founder

Dear all,

It’s time to take another important step for me and for DELP, two stories that so often merged in recent decades that became almost a single one. After more than half a century, I am leaving the executive management of the Group to take on roles in advisory bodies. It is with joy that I say you will not get rid of me so easily. I leave the daily routine, but I am still here, contributing as much as I can. The day by day is now up to the directors and each of you. I’m sure they will do a good job, as indeed has always been in the history of DELP Group.

At this time, there are lots of memories in my mind and a flashback that takes me back to the 60’s, when I signed the acquisition of DELP in Guarulhos, São Paulo, from my brother-in-law Olival Gomes Pimentel, where everything started. I think about all the work with my brothers José Rodrigo, Tadeu and José Carlos producing nuts and bolts in Santa Efigênia neighborhood, close to the former Vila dos Urubus, behind the Military Hospital of Minas Gerais. Then, moving to Contagem, signing a deal with Alcan, and the mining industry boom in the 70’s. Meanwhile, our bother-in-law Paulo C. Fialho joined us and greatly contributed in Minasligas project.

In the beginning of the new millennium, more precisely in 2005, we dared to expand our production capacity acquiring Vepasiano / MG factory.

We experienced great expansion. Thanks God and to our hard work we jumped from our first five thousand square meters facility to 11 thousand square meters, then 26,000. Today we have 50 thousand square meters of total area and 32 thousand meters of built area in Contagem. In Vespasiano there are 300,000 meters area and 30 thousand meters of built area.

Now that I begin to feel a little nostalgic about the day by day in the company, it is very nice to look back and see that it was worthwhile. It’s great to see that with our collaborators we built a large business group, and we operate in strategic segments of the Brazilian industry such as oil, mining, steel, power and naval sectors. And it is far better to look ahead to the future and see that we are well prepared to continue contributing to our state, to our country and to the domestic industry.

I’m very proud of DELP and of the many friends I’ve made ​​here over these 50 years. Some are still here because of their work, and their children also came to work with us. I am grateful to everyone who passed by and also to those that are still with us today. I will follow along with you and my dear children – Mariana, Humberto and Adriana – who assume the responsibility to continue our work, always next to my dear and loving wife Silvania, who has always motivated me.

I wish you all success and I express herein my deeply affect and gratitude.



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