Oil & Gas


Operating in the petrochemical segment in oil exploration, production and refining phases.

DELP Group has proven ability to meet the demand for high technology and quality equipments, supplying projects in Down Stream and Up Stream phases.

It stands out for its professional qualification particularly in engineering and welding segments, answering to all requirements: API, ASME, ANSY and other international standards.

Some products:

  • Pressure Valves;
  • Process towers;
  • Reactors;
  • Heat Exchangers;
  • Petrochemical ovens;
  • Water, Oil and Gas Separators;
  • Diverse subsea equipments;
  • Boring bases;
  • Suction and Torpedo Anchors;
  • Skids;
  • ACM and MCV;
  • Christmas Trees;
  • Diverse pipes, including clad, duplex or superduplex pipes.


Some products



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